live free with strong will

I feel I know a little bit of everything but I've grown unfamiliar with limitation.This is my body of Thought .


Ascend, Then See (ascendancy)


We exchanged daps, and the laps lacked were replaced with packed mounds. On and through the hills speaking of past residences, Rarii and I kept it still.

°Forward the reel.

Lives abound. Paired eyes surround, equipped with weapons drawn, calmly blended in the backdrop withholding hops though well hid as ‘hoppers laid in lawns. 

Nah, they don’t shoot. Pesty vessels scramble for sprays. Up above, cool greys disturbed brighter blaze.

It’s a maze, but this world is our home. Ours alone and we hone.


We raise & rise with our own. All brothers…sisters, claim your thrones!

5 and more KINGS are here. 2 are all you see. These two like ‘few seen’ are never alone.

Oladele ‘Dele’ Alaran

from 08/20 (2014) | visuals provided by Roland Agli (Visuals-by-Raat) | featuring Rarii (KingRarii)   



Great is gained in loss. 

Don’t weigh with sight nor sense, at all.

Such is vain and lost.

Oladele L. Alaran
09/08 (2014)

#tbt @revexartwear Quilted Tank and Short